Phil M Jones
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Phil M Jones

Business, Sales and Marketing

Travels From: New York / UK

Every body is selling something, be it an idea, a product, a service or an outcome yet the term “Sales” was often about hype, it was celebrating ruthlessness and it was all about unethically persuading and influencing people to get what they wanted.

The only thing that ever seemed to matter was the short term RESULTS, with no second-thought for the impact on all people involved.

Since then, Phil has made it his life’s work to completely demystify the sales process, and bring both simplicity and integrity to a world that is often full of big egos and even bigger lies.

With this as Phil’s core mission, he has gone on to deliver over 2,000 presentations in 56 countries across five continents, training more than two million people (Both sales and non-sales professionals, Leaders and Experts) to learn how to have more influence, confidence and control when steering their conversations.

Phil’s unique philosophy of using specific word choices to teach his audiences “Exactly What To Say” in order to influence, persuade and drive outcomes, has made Phil one of the most practical and in-demand business speakers on the planet.

How to Sell

Exactly What to Say



Fee ranges between:
$20,000 - $25,000