Steve Taubman

Peak performance hypnotist, Author, Entertainer & Motivational Keynote Speaker.

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Dr. Steve’s early years were plagued by crippling anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. Despite graduating valedictorian from one of the nation’s top chiropractic colleges and running a thriving practice, Dr. Steve found that his outer success did little to calm his inner turmoil.

Thus began a thirty year journey to understand the root of his suffering. His exploration of Western psychotherapy, Eastern teachings of mindfulness, hypnosis, and the science of neurology provided profound insight into the universal nature and cause of suffering; the subconscious mind… which ultimately led to the creation of his successful UnHypnosis system and bestselling book.

Blending his teachings with a long time passion for comedy and magic, Dr. Steve developed a series of insightful, fun presentations about mastering the subconscious mind which were quickly embraced by organizations for their ability to get people in action.

Since then, Dr. Steve’s excitement, motivation and enthusiasm have earned him fans from every profession as he continues to enthrall audiences worldwide, helping them remove mental barriers to achieving their dreams.


Unclog Your Brain! Removing Mental Barriers to Success

In this tranformational and interactive program based on Dr. Steve’s Procrastination Annihilation course, Dr. Steve shows you how to tap into the power of the subconscious mind to get more done while maintaining a calm, balanced, and positive state of mind.

Team Members Will Learn How To:

  • Quiet their minds and release unwanted thoughts and beliefs
  • Communicate with their subconscious to access motivation
  • Develop a compelling action plan that invites follow-through
  • Quickly release stress and recover from discouragement
  • Manage their energy to make work enjoyable and fun

Lead with Presence! Using Mindfulness to Connect and Empower

In this inspiring and entertaining keynote based on his UnHypnosis system, Dr. Steve explores the three phases of leadership and the tools needed to develop the inner leader in order to master our minds and understand what we can do to leave a mark on the world.

Team Members Will Learn How To:

  • Identify their leadership style and enhance their impact
  • Tap into a calm center to access wisdom and balance
  • Communicate respectfully to get the most from others
  • Deal more effectively with difficult people and situations
  • Quickly release the inevitable stress of being a leader

The MAGIC of Inner Selling! Discovering The Magnetic You

In this content-rich talk based on his award-winning UnHypnosis for Sales Professional program, Dr. Steve introduces the five steps for developing a predictably effective mindset for developing rapid rapport, influencing others with integrity, and quickly recovering from discouragement.

Team Members Will Learn How To:

  • Tap into their inner sales genius to make more sales
  • Release limiting beliefs that keep them from closing
  • Create trust and safety with prospective clients
  • Maintain a positive attitude free of attachment
  • Open their minds to a wealth of new opportunity

The Seven Steps for Getting Things Done

Most of us have great ideas on a regular basis, yet few of us ever follow them to completion. Often, we’re frustrated to discover that an idea we had was also thought of by someone else who had the perseverance to do something with it.

In this practical workshop your team will learn a reliable seven step system you’ll be able to use for the rest of your life to easily move any idea or goal to action and to maximize your chances of success.

Mindfulness Meditation for Leaders

Meditation; no longer the domain of just Eastern philosophers and New Age thinkers; is a mainstream tool being used by almost every successful corporation and leader in the world, with remarkable results and an unquestionable track record for decreasing stress and increasing effectiveness.

In this interactive workshop, Dr. Steve shares the latest research on how meditation affects the brain and demonstrates a simple method for introducing brief, effective meditation practices into our day to day lives which will improve our focus, increase our intelligence, and cultivate our compassion.


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