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Laura Stack, MBA, CSP, CPAE, is best known by her moniker “The Productivity Pro®”. Stack is an award-winning keynote speaker, bestselling author, and noted authority on employee and team productivity. She is the President & CEO of The Productivity Pro, Inc., a boutique consulting firm dedicated to helping leaders increase workplace performance in high-stress environments. Stack was the 2011-2012 President of the National Speakers Association.

For over 25 years, Laura Stack’s keynote speeches and seminars have helped associations and Fortune 1000 corporations improve output, increase speed in execution, and save time in the office. She is a high-energy, high-content speaker, who educates, entertains, and motivates professionals to deliver bottom-line results. Stack is a member of the prestigious CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame and has earned the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation.

Laura Stack is the bestselling author of seven books published by Random House, Wiley, and Berrett-Koehler, including her newest, Doing the Right Things Right: How the Effective Executive Spends Time (Jan. 2016). Her books have been published in more than 20 foreign editions, and she is a featured columnist for the American Business Journal, LinkedIn, Time Management, and Productive magazines. Stack has produced more than 50 online training programs.

On stage, Laura is a powerhouse of ideas, and more importantly, ACTION—just what you need to propel your team and organization to all new levels. Speak with Laura one-on-one about building a program JUST for your next event.


  • CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame®
  • CSP
  • MBA
  • Bestselling Author of 7 Books


FASTER TOGETHER: Accelerating Your Team's Collective Productivity

Even the best single person can’t succeed alone. Neither can you. Individual productivity is just the beginning of business profitability; the real winner is team productivity. While sports teams may have stand-outs who pull the team’s ranking upward — Peyton Manning and Lebron James come to mind — they couldn’t do their jobs if everyone wasn’t in there supporting them to the best of their abilities. When done well, the team wins championships.

Today’s workplaces require people who can “team well.” Yes, you have to use email and communicate and go to meetings. Yes, there will always be someone who works more slowly. Yes, you have to get agreement on some decisions. But a collective effort is much faster than an individual effort, in almost all instances. It takes less time to get things done with a team. This presentation will teach The Four “Keys” to Becoming a F-A-S-T Team:

  • FAIRNESS: Proper under the rules; honest; just; straightf
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Responsible to someone or for some action; answerable; within one’s power, control, or
  • SYSTEMS-THINKING: One impacts the whole; interrelated linkages and interactions between components; a set of correlated
  • TECHNOLOGY: Specific methods, materials, and devices used to exchange information; creation and use of technical means; use of knowledge to solve practical


Ours is a non-stop, jet-propelled world. Finding balance for many seems the impossible dream. Not so. Keynote speaker and Productivity Pro Laura Stack shares the powerful top ten common dominators of top producers. Team members and leaders alike love the less-is-more concept. Why? Less stress. More through-the-roof productivity. Less burn out. More balanced lives. Less complaining. More creativity. If you’re ready to empower your team or organization with the kind of lightning-fueled energy and easy-to-implement strategies that will propel you right past the competition in less time with more momentum, Laura’s the speaker for you.

Leave the Office Earlier

Based on Laura’s bestselling book of the same title, this is her flagship time management keynote on how to be more productive at work, so you can achieve the same results in less time and leave the office earlier®. In this high-energy, hysterical presentation, Laura shows you how to keep technology from controlling your time; stay focused and concentrate; communicate with your team and boss to improve personal productivity; plug productivity leaks in your day; build consistent personal routines; eliminate annoying time wasters; and improve your personal efficiency. Attendees leave the program laughing and saying, “Oh my goodness, she was looking over my shoulder! Everything she modeled I’m doing!” The ideas in this innovative and thought-provoking program will allow you to reduce the number of hours you work each week without compromising output.

Leadership Productivity: The Truth Behind Execution and Strategy

Leaders are bombarded with strategy. They talk about it. Meet about it. Learn about it. However, here’s the real struggle: execution of those strategies. How do you get team members to adopt New ideas, solutions, and systems? Advance your strategic initiatives and get things done? How do you turn pressure into positive action? How do you leverage time in such a way that you’re able to break new barriers and empower individuals? That’s where Motivational Leadership Speaker and Productivity Pro Laura Stack delivers the showstoppers: real answers to the questions and more. Easy-to-implement execution plans. Put-to-work-today solutions. Mindset-shifters. Team-builders. Using her l-e-a-d Formula, you’ll take your leadership team to the next level and beyond.

What to Do When There

The truth is there are times when we ALL feel like overwhelmed, inefficient plate-spinners. The solution? Putting the right tools, strategies, and mindsets in place to turn that experience around (and keep it from coming back.) Enter Motivational Keynote Speaker and Productivity Pro Laura Stack! In this action-packed session, Laura uses her step-by-step Productivity Workflow Formula to teach audiences how to invest and re-tool their valuable time. Put their energy into their highest-yielding tasks. Give themselves permission to ditch and delegate
time-wasters. Focus on execution and deliver unstoppable results. What do you get? More confident, competent,
high-energy, high-efficiency, super-productive contributors and teams…with a bonus: They’re happier. Work better together. Are more creative. Less stressed. The kind of things that make for incredible organizations.


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