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Ruben Huertas

Bilingual Powerful Speaker, Coach and Mentor

Speakers Fee: $7,500 + expenses


Ruben Huertas is a powerful thought leader who develops winning teams that in turn build relationships that grow businesses. He is a sought-after speaker with a unique ability to deepen executives' knowledge and understanding of the various topics he speaks about. A seasoned real estate executive with a passion for the real estate industry, Ruben also incorporates communication, leadership, personal and professional development into his speeches. It is this particular quality that keeps people going back to his seminars, courses, workshops, webinars and other educational venues where he incorporates the whole-person philosophy in an easy to understand manner. Ruben believes in the indomitable human spirit that makes things happen and he really loves being able to work with people that "go all the way" showing commitment, discipline and a desire to go the extra mile every time. His favorite quote is: "It is not the size of the person in the fight that counts but rather the size of the fight in the person." Ruben is a mentor and coach to many leaders within the real estate industry and other industries as well. His ultimate goal is to help develop thousands of leaders that will pass the legacy on and in turn touch millions of lives for the better of society and to make a better world.


  • Business
  • Motivation
  • Personal Development
  • Other

Topic Titles

  • Leadership
  • Real Estate, Commercial Real Estate
  • Self-deception
  • Personal Development
  • Rituals of Success

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