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Stephen Sapato

The most famous unfamous speaker in America


Steve Sapato is not only one of the most interesting people in America because of an extended level of experience but he is an author, speaker, trainer and thought leader. His belief in self- empowerment and determination to share his belief in you, is what powers his career and makes him one of the best speakers and business income specialists you can work with. Coaching Book Small Riches Steve has not only struggled his way to the top but he wants to give you the strength to know that you have within you all that you need to find your dreams and become successful. Steve has written "Small Business Riches" the coaching manual to show you exactly how to become successful in business and he wrote "Become The Go-To Person For Your Own Success' to help small businesses and entrepreneurs have a consistent focus toward their success through professional networking. His courses on entrepreneurship, professional business networking, communication and his QLMethod proven tactics for communicating your way to success and achieving your goals set him apart from all others in helping small business succeed. Learning how to build a small business that sets you financially free and training professional networking, how to communicate, how to become the most influential person in your niche truly marks a new frontier for small businesses. Steve fully believes that you are one thought away from great.


  • Business
  • Entertainment
  • Personal Development

Topic Titles

  • Mental Prosperity to get the most out of your people because they want to get the most out of themselves
  • The Proper Method to Cook A Frog - never get cooked in the squat
  • Questions are the answer to your sales problems
  • Termite or Tornado - the damage of little things
  • QL Method for managerial success

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