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Courtney Kirschbaum

Millennial Career Strategist and Advocate

Speakers Fee: $7500


Courtney Kirschbaum has helped thousands of people get better jobs and careers by giving them the inspiration, motivation and tactics to move up or on. Award-winning presenter and millennial career strategist and advocate. If you subscribe to Fast Company or Business News Daily Magazine you may have already seen her career advice and strategy. Courtney is more than a coach, she's a champion and advocate for ambitious high-potentials, helping them realize their potential through career strategies that put them in control. A first generation college graduate, she paid her way through school and believed hard work would equal success. She quickly realized college had not prepared her for career success that mentors were rare and champions and advocates even more so. She saw her dream of working overseas slipping away when she bombed her first interview with a blue chip company so she rallied and convinced a manger a KPMG to give her a chance that chance was all she needed. Soon after she landed an international project manager role and spent the next decade living and working in Europe and Asia hiring and developing talent who she saw facing the same challenges she'd faced and no better prepared to do so. In 2011 Courtney started her own company to share her lesson's- learned and champion the next generation of talented ambitious young professionals through her online programs Job Hunt School and Original Experience. She speaks and leads workshops and companies and universities all over the US and Canada. Having seen first had reality of the glass ceiling, gender pay bias, and the challenges unique to first generation professionals, meritocracy and leveling the playing field is important to Courtney. She donates a portion of her company


  • Business
  • Motivation
  • Personal Development

Topic Titles

  • How to Rebel, Rule Break and Win Respect
  • Have You Been Taught to Work, but Not to Succeed?

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