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Brian Lauer

Creation Speaker

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After graduating from a public high school and a state university, I was an evolutionist. I accepted the Big Bang origin of the universe, and the Darwinian origin of life as fact. But then I saw what is being censored from our government schools, museums and media: Creation. God's Word perfectly explains our world, whereas the atheistic model of origins violates many scientific laws. I have given talks from Minnesota to Florida, at churches, camps, schools, and universities. My goal is to help people solidify their faith in the Bible by looking at science, and to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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  • Other
  • Creation: The Censored Theory
  • Evolution vs Science
  • Who's Your Daddy? (The Evolution Illusion)
  • Dinosaurs: Fact vs Fiction
  • Noah, the Ark, and the Flood

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