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Michelle Moore Brady

Michelle Brady, Owner

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Michelle Moore Brady help you be a GREAT presenter (and stop saying um), as well as solve people problems (i.e., misunderstandings!). She's been a trainer and college faculty of communications for over three decades. In 2014 she opened Sage Forward Training LLC helping people develop public speaking skills and solve interpersonal problems using her Masters in Counseling and Bachelors in Communications, and an added Adult Training and Development Certificate. On top of that she's a National Speakers Association (NSA) professional and an Advanced Toastmaster. Follow her at

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  • D.E.L.I.V.E.R.Y. tips including stop saying um
  • C.O.N.C.E.A.L. speech fear
  • One-track mind: reducing misunderstanding
  • The Money Room: create an income stream renting rooms (my book)
  • S.A.G.E. wisdom in tough times

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